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2019 AGM Meeting Minutes

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

June 4, 2019.

AGM Meeting Minutes

June 4, 2019

Welcome and additions to agenda:

  • Don Jasper called to order the AGM at ~7:00pm on June 4, 2019 at the East Selkirk Arena.

  • Board Members present: Don Jasper, JoAnn Painchaud-Niemi, Adam McConnell and Blake Burnett

  • Community members present: Debbie Fiebelkorn (Mayor, RM of St. Clements), Justin Luschinski (Selkirk Record), David Sasaki, Danielle Veenstra, Bill Mooney, and Kryssi Pollock

Review minutes from 2018 AGM:

  • None to report/review

Report from the President:

  • Don Jasper –

Financial Report:

Profit and loss financial report present by Blake for 2018 : printed copies were available to review, however no quorum to approve report

Accept Accountant for fiscal year 2019-2020: The recommendation from board and community members is to continue with accountant Rosanna Sternat instead of having a treasurer

Waive audit in favor of review: no quorum

Facility Manager Report:

Blake Burnett: Answered specific questions from community members-such as how fundraising money is utilized, hydro costs for all buildings, condition and shape of some of the facility’s equipment, operation and profit of canteens, as well as skate sharpening service

Board reports:

None presented at this time

New Business:

Don to look into monthly cost of keeping Rosanna Sternat as financial care-taker. She is to provide monthly report (can be sent via email) to Don (or secretary) to be presented as a monthly treasurer report. All incoming and outgoing funds must be balanced and reported/approved at monthly board meetings.

Consider setting up a booth at the Rm Open House on Friday June 14, 2019 at the ESRA. Utilize the traffic to get more community members interested in volunteering (see poster attached).

Some discussion of fundraising ideas and expectation from community members of how that money needs to be utilized. Mayor Fiebelkorn made the suggestion that in emergency situations to present a request to the RM Council for funds rather than using money fundraised for specific purposes (ie: bathrooms, new water fountain, change room updates etc etc).

TJ Kawaja has officially stepped down from director of Soccer/Field Sports

Elections: Many positions vacant. Not enough board members to form quorum, therefore nominations and elections for positions are not possible at this time. All positions were filled on a volunteer basis.

President: Don Jasper

Vice President: Dan Doucet

Secretary: Kryssi Pollock

Treasurer: Not applicable at this time

Hockey/House League: Adam McConnell

Field Sports: Vacant

Fundraising and Grants: Bill Mooney

Public Relations: Vacant

Member at large: JoAnn Painchaud-Niemi

Member at large: David Sasaki

Member at large: Danielle Veenstra

Adjournment: at about 8:30pm. Next meeting to take place at ESRA at 7:30pm, Tuesday July 9, 2019

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