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ESRA Baseball

Click above for a full list of resources.

Click for information on field locations.

Click this link to go to Red River Valley Baseball Registration (Open!)

Click this link to visit Red River Valley Baseball.


The ESRA does not currently have a Youth Baseball Director on our board of directors. If you're interested in this volunteer position please contact Blake Burnett ESRA Facility Manager at or any of our current board members.


Baseball in East Selkirk is handled by Red River Valley Baseball.  Their website is therefore the best source for information and registration for everything baseball related.


For the younger age groups, a brief overview of what you can expect is given below:

7U – Rally Cap

Baseball Manitoba has adopted Baseball Canada's Rally Cap as the entry level, or initiation program for the 4 - 7 age group. The format involves three teams of six players that meet at the park at the same time. Two teams play a 20 minute game, while one team practices in the outfield. Every 20 minutes they switch, so that each team plays offense and defense and has one practice in the 60 minutes session.

9U – Grand Slam

There are no hard and fast rules for Grand Slam. Baseball Canada has put forth guidelines; teams of 6, all players in the infield, all players bat each inning, no walks or strikeouts, etc. Typical game days could include a 15-30 minute practice and then a game with another team afterward. 60-90 minutes total.

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