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ESRA 2020 AGM - Minutes

The ESRA had its AGM this past Monday, December 7th. Thanks very much to all who attended. The minutes from the AGM can be found below.

AGM Meeting Minutes

Dec 7, 2020

1. Welcome and additions to agenda:

a. Tara Bailey called to order the AGM at 7:10pm on Dec 7, 2020 via zoom due to pandemic restrictions.

b. Board Members present: Tara Bailey, Heather Stanik, Pam Brechin, Greg Zahayko, JoAnn Painchaud-Niemi, Adam McConnell, Blake Burnett, Danielle Veenstra, Bill Mooney, Joclyn Paulic, and Tracey Gwynne

c. Community members present: Teresa Keith-Laforges, Keith Landry, Joanna Kaptein, Tom Paulic

d. Review and approval of Agenda - See Motion 20-30_agm

2. Review minutes from 2019 AGM:

a. Reviewed and accepted. See Motion 20-31_agm

3. Report from the President:

a. N/A – president stepped down in October.

4. Financial Report:

a. Profit and loss financial report read by Heather Stanik for 2019 : copies were available to review.

b. Accountant Rosanna Sternat provided audit for the 2019 fiscal year.

c. Report was reviewed and accepted. See Motion 20-32_agm

5. Constitution Ammendments:

a. Several amendments to the constitution were presented by Joclyn Paulic. Each amendment was reviewed and accepted. See Motions 20-33_agm to 20-62_agm

6. Board reports:

a. None presented at this time

7. Nominations and elections for ESRA Board Positions:

President: Adam McConnell – 2 year term See Motion: 20-63_agm

Vice President: David Sasaki – 2 year term See Motion: 20-64_agm

Secretary: Tara Bailey – 1 year remaining

Treasurer: Heather Stanik – 1 year remaining

Hockey Director: Pam Brechin – 2 year term See Motion: 20-65_agm

Soccer Director: Greg Zahayko – 2 year term See Motion: 20-66_agm

Baseball Director: vacant - Tracey Gwynne stepped down

Fundraising and Grants: Bill Mooney / Danielle Veenstra - 1 year remaining

Public Relations/Website Director: Dave Sasaki – 1 year remaining

Member at large: Joclyn Paulic - 1 year remaining

Member at large: Jo-Ann Painchaud Niemi – term expires (stepping down)

Member at large: Tom Paulic - 2 year term See Motion: 20-67_agm

8. Adjournment: 7:55pm.

Next AGM to take place at ESRA at 7:00pm, Monday September 13, 2021

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