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Board Meeting Minutes September 2019

Meeting: September

Date: September 9, 2019

Time: 7:30 p.m.

Location: Upper Office, ESRA

Chair: Don Jasper

Note taker: Krystine Pollock

Attendees: Dan Doucet, JoAnn Painchaud Niemi, Tara Bailey, Bill Mooney, Danielle Veenstra, David Sasaki, Adam McConnell, Kryssi Pollock

Regrets: Don Jasper, Tracey Gwynne, Tammy Johnson, Heather Stanik

• Call to order by Dan Doucet at 7:50pm

• Review and approval of agenda- Approved

• Approval of previous meeting minutes

• August 13, 2019 meeting minutes Approved

• Reports:

President, Don Jasper: none-absent

Vice President, Dan Doucet: none

Treasurer, Heather Stanik:none-absent

Hockey Director, Adam Mcconnell: 26 registered for Skills at this time. Starts after Thanksgiving. Waiving late fee for new kids. Still waiting for breakdown of fees. $50 increase in last two years.

Fundraising/Grants, Bill Mooney: LSMHA did not send email re: swap n shop. Was not a good turnout. Next year more advertising, more notice needed. Will be holding a Bud, Spud, and Steak fundraiser at Home Plate on October 19, 2019. No silent auction but will do a 50/50 and “perfume” draw. Tickets are $25 ea, or $15 for a support ticket.

Facility Manager, Blake Burnett: none-absent

• Old business

-> David met with Chad Bulmer from LSMHA. Discussed four year old program.

->Joclyn to invite Dave Cain to a meeting

-> Don to discuss Novice B tournament with Brad

-> Don to breakdown hockey fees

-> A written summary of the agreement between ESRA and Home Plate with full contact info for Quentin

• New business

> Motion was put through that ESRA is in agreement to run four year old hockey program to be overseen by Dave Sasaski and that he will request a reduced Ice Rental fee from Don and Blake (motion is attached). Voted 9-0 in favour

> Dave and Danielle to work on ESRA website and facebook page. Will discuss and present at next meeting for a vote.

• New action items

• Next meeting: November 4 or 18 , 2019 7:30pm @ ESRA

• Adjourn

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