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2023 East Selkirk Fall Classic 

Tournament Rules

This tournament is sanctioned by the Winnipeg Minor Hockey Association. Games will be played under WMHA rules and regulations with the following exceptions: 

● SR-14 ”Mercy Rule”: This rule will not be utilized in the Round Robin Segment, as “goals-for” and “goals-against” statistics may determine a team’s final standing in the Round Robin portion of the tournament. Therefore, all tournament games will consist of 3 periods (12 minutes in length each) stop time. 

Home Team:

The home team will be identified on the teams draw. The home team will wear WHITE. 


All players will be a member of a Hockey Canada Branch. Non-registered players will NOT be allowed to play. All players must be dressed and fully ready to play 15 minutes prior to their scheduled start time. 


As well as all equipment required, mouthguards are mandatory. 


  • Period 1 - 12 mins

  • Period 2 - 12 mins

  • Period 3 - 15 mins

 In the 3rd period if a team is up by 5 goals, the clock will run.

Ties after completion of play will be broken in the following order: 

1. Most wins. 

2. Point System: 

● The winner of each period receives 2 points. 

● In the event of a period tie, each team receives 1 point. 

● A team that earns a shutout earns 1 point. 

● The game winner receives 6 points. 

● Total points available for a team are 13 per game. 

3. Goals for minus goals against. 


Overtime (only finals)

Overtime periods will be “Sudden-Death” play. 

The first seven skaters, plus the first goalie, listed on the game sheet will be identified as your teams overtime players. Ensure you place your overtime players at the top of the game sheet! 

Each overtime shift will be 2 minutes in duration.

● On the first overtime shift, skaters one, two, and three as well as the goalie will play. 

● The second shift will consist of skaters four and five as well as the goalie. 

● The third shift will be skater six with the goalie. 

● The final shift will consist of skater seven with no goalie and will continue until a goal is scored. All players including goalies must play their entire shift. 

Penalties in Overtime:

● Any penalties assessed during overtime play will result in a penalty shot. 

● A penalty assessed in Regular time which extends into overtime will be carried-over to the overtime shifts. 

● If the offender is skater one, two, or three (first overtime shift) that player will serve the remaining penalty time. 

● If the offender is not skater one, two, or three the teams’ coaching staff will decide which one of the three skaters will serve the remainder of the penalty. 

● Should the penalty extend into the second overtime shift (double minor, major penalty), the teams coaching staff will determine which player from the next overtime shift (skater four or five) will serve the remaining penalty time. 

● On completion of the penalty the skater will leave the penalty box and resume play.

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