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The Sabres meet the Steelers

It should have come as no surprise that the Steelers and the Sabres would make a great combination, but when they came together on Dec. 1 at the East Selkirk Arena for practice there was magic in the air. The young Sabres marveled at the skating, stick-handling and shooting of the Steelers players who helped run all sorts of drills and finished the practice by giving the Sabres players the fastest stick rides of their lives! The East Side Sabres would like to thank #3 Thomas Colter, #9 Keenan Allen, #11 Ryan Piwniuk and #24 Hudson Chamberlin for being such wonderful role models for our young players, who are now aspiring Steelers!

The team looks forward to sharing the ice with you again on Dec. 14 when we play during intermission at your game. Go Steelers!

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