ESRA Return to Play Protocols for Ice Rentals

     Updated March 6, 2021


  • Participants (players, employees, coaches) and spectators must use the self-screening tool before coming to the facility.

  • Only 1 parent/guardian per participant (player) will be allowed into the facility.

  • Teams must maintain lists of participants for 21 days to ensure appropriate public health follow-up can take place if a participant is exposed to COVID-19.

  • All teams or user groups of the facility must appoint a communication officer who will be responsible to ensure all updated and relevant information is passed on to everyone within their jurisdiction.

  • Team water bottles are not allowed in the facility, Participants are required to consume only their own water and food (this may mean bringing multiple water bottles and hydrating before the activity).

  • Coaches/Instructors/Communication Officers will be expected to advise their participants that daily self-screening is required before attending the facility and they are prohibited from attending the camp/session if they have COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Masks are required for all spectators, coaches, players and officials at all times, including on the ice.



  • East Selkirk Recreation Centre will comply with current health and safety standards as set out by the Provincial government as it relates to Covid-19 and will adhere to the most current regulations.

  • Entering the facility, Participants (players, employees, coaches) and spectators are required to enter using the double doors located at the front (West side) of the building.

  • Exiting the facility, Participants (players, employees, coaches) and spectators are required to exit the facility using the double doors located in the arena surface area on the South side of the building.

  • The ESRA will be limiting the number of participants and spectators in our indoor/ outdoor spaces to prevent overcrowding.

  • Maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from other members of the public within the facility, excluding participants who are playing hockey on the ice.

  • Guests of the facility will find hand sanitizer throughout the facility for use and guests will be required to use the sanitizer.

  • Signage specific to hand washing, physical distancing, self screening and hand sanitizing will be located throughout the facility.

  • Players, team staff, officials and spectators will not be allowed to congregate in small or large groups anywhere in the facility.



  • Concession will follow the guidelines following provincial restaurant guidelines.


Spectator Safety

  • Physical distancing will be enforced throughout the arena.

  • Signage will be posted, guests will follow the signs.

  • Spectators will exit the facility immediately following the ice session. If required, one parent per player may stay in the facility to assist their child and all others will wait in their vehicle.


Dressing Rooms

  • Dressing Room Capacities

    • Room #1 - 10 players

    • Room #2 – 10 players

    • Room #3 – 10 players

    • Room #4 - 10 players

  • Teams will be allowed into the facility 20 minutes prior to rental.  Upon arrival at the facility players must immediately go to their assigned dressing rooms and remain there until the start of their ice rental.  The rooms must be vacated 20 minutes after the completion of scheduled ice time.

  • Physical distancing will be enforced in the dressing room. Each room will be measured and a players stall will be identified. Players must stay in their stall at all times.

  • Only team personnel will be allowed in the dressing room.

  • If a parent is required, only one parent per player at U9 and lower will be permitted. No additional family members will be allowed in the dressing room at any time.

  • All youth participants are encouraged to show up fully dressed, minus gloves, helmet, skates and mouth guard

  • If a team requires two dressing rooms to maintain physical distancing then facility staff need to be notified 24 hours in advance of scheduled ice time to ensure availability.

  • Players and staff will use the hand sanitizer that is available in every dressing room

  • Players and coaches will ensure that the dressing room is clean and tidy when they leave and nothing is left behind. A coach must be the last person out of the dressing room at all times.

  • One team staff member must be in the dressing room at all times when players are in the dressing room to ensure physical distancing guidelines are being adhered to.

  • Dressing room will be cleaned and sanitized between every user group.

  • Showers will not be available to use.

  • Players and staff will use only the toilet and sink that is in their assigned dressing room.

  • Spitting anywhere in the dressing room is not allowed.



  • Dressing rooms will be cleaned and sanitized between every user group.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the facility and users are encouraged to use it. Hand sanitizer will be available in all dressing rooms, benches, penalty box, time-keeper box, lobby, seating area and washrooms as well as the staff mechanical room.

  • Regular cleaning of high touch areas, hand railings, door knobs, light switches, will be conducted by facility staff on a regular basis.

  • Teams will assist facility staff by encouraging frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing as well as avoiding touching surfaces wherever possible.



  • Physical distancing will be enforced by the use of signage.

  • Only two persons per washroom at a time will be permitted.

  • Washrooms will be cleaned and sanitized at a minimum of every 90 minutes and more often if deemed necessary by facility staff.

Team Hygiene

  • Equipment such as water bottles and towels will not be shared.

  • Water bottles must be labelled to identify to whom they belong.

  • Water bottles must be filled at home.

  • Equipment such as jerseys, socks, bandanas/skull caps and compression gear must be washed after every use.

  • Every user group must provide their own pucks, pylons and any other practice equipment that they require. East Selkirk Rec Centre will not be providing these any longer.


Playing Surface – On-Ice Practice

  • Teams are to eliminate team huddles at the beginning and end of games, fist-bumps/handshake routines are not allowed.

  • Players & coaches will observe physical distancing while on the ice.

  • Coaches will minimize marker board talk where players are forced to congregate.

  • Coaches will be aware of physical distancing and only talk to players from at least 2 metres away.

  • The number of participants permitted on the ice is 10 per half, not including coaches.

  • If 2 teams are sharing ice, teams must remain separated on their half of the ice with their allowed roster.

  • Benches will be limited to 10 participants (including coaching staff) for practices.

  • Coaches/Instructors will utilize station-based skill development practice plans and have players/coaches spread out to maintain physical distancing.

  • Coaches/Instructors will avoid drills that require players to stand in line or in groups for a long period of time.

  • Coaches/Instructors will avoid the use of contact or battle drills that do not allow for physical distancing unless they are Hockey Canada approved Covid-19 safe drills that are available on the Hockey Canada Network App.

  • One coach/instructor must be in every dressing room that their team/group is using at all times to ensure players are following physical distancing.

  • U7 and U9 players will come fully dressed to the facility excluding skates, gloves, helmet and mouth guard. One parent will be allowed into the dressing room to tie their child's skates (no other family members or friends will be allowed in the dressing room at any time).

  • U11 and up, players will be allowed to change in the dressing room(s) if space allows. One coach/instructor will be in the room(s) at all times to monitor physical distancing. At no time will any parents, siblings or friends be allowed to enter the change room at U11 and up.

  • When leaving the ice surface, coaches/instructors will excuse players one by one in an orderly fashion to ensure all athletes are given appropriate time to exit without congregating. Enough time for this to occur will be built into the coaches/instructors practice plan.

  • Spectators will remain in the stands until all individuals have left the ice to avoid any crowds around the gates.

  • All spectators will leave the facility immediately following the ice session. If required, one parent per player may stay in the facility to assist their child while the others wait in the vehicle.